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How Long Lord?

Posted by EC3 on 23 April 2015 | 0 Comments


By now everyone has heard about the death of Freddie Gray while in the custody of the Baltimore Police Department. We don't know exactly what happened but something did happen! The video of his arrest shows that he was in pain when they put him in the transport van. One hour later he was in the hospital where he died from a severe spinal chord injury. What? In the last year we have seen a number of cases in which black men have died at the hands of law enforcement. There are some who continue to deny the fact that there has been racial profiling and police harassment in the black community for decades. I've been harassed and family members have been harassed, this is nothing new! The only way this will begin to change is first, admission that there is tension between police departments around the country and neighborhoods of color. Secondly, there has to be honest dialogue that leads to acceptance, appreciation, and understanding from both sides. Thirdly, there has to be cultural sensitivity training in every police academy in the U.S. Likewise, people of color must reflect on how we respond to police whenever we are stopped and questioned. Lastly, people of faith must continue to pray and look to our God for strength, guidance, patience, and change. Dr. EC3

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