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St. James UMC 2017 Leadership Board

Emanuel Cleaver III – Senior Pastor
Linda Settles – Executive Pastor
Tammy Edwards – Chair
Wesley Fields – Vice Chair
Ruth Allen - Secretary

Kevin Battle
Robbin Boone
Sam Coleman, Jr.
Latrina Collins
Herb Duncan
Edward Franklin
Leonard Frye
Don Lee
Antoinette Tillman
Phyllis Washington
Donna Watson

State of the Church Presentations

First Quarter 2017

2017 Vision

Guiding Principles

     Our mission is to make disciples for Jesus Christ.

     Connecting people with God in practical ways.

     Connecting people with God though Xciting worship, compassionate outreach, and authentic faith development.


Leadership Board

  • Members of the Leadership Board will respect the confidentially of sensitive issues and will honor the decisions of the Board.
  • The Leadership Board will meet at least 6 times per year.
  • Leadership Board meetings are open to all members of St. James UMC. The Leadership Board will go into a closed session to discuss personnel matters.
  • The Nominating Leadership Development committee will annually nominate members for the Leadership Board. Each Board member will serve a 3 year term.
  • The Leadership Board will consist of no less than 9 and no more than 15 members of which a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary will be presented by the Senior Pastor on an annual basis to the Leadership Board for approval.
  • The Senior Pastor will present a strategic plan, with measurable objectives, to the Leadership Board each year. The strategic plan will be presented and approved before the annual budget is approved. The Senior Pastor will regularly update the Leadership Board on the progress towards each objective.
  • The Senior Pastor and Leadership Board will conduct at least 3 State of the Church meetings each year. 



  • The Senior Pastor will not knowingly cause, promote or sanction any employment practice or decision that is unlawful, imprudent, unethical or unbiblical.
  • The Staff will adhere to the policies outlined in the Employee Handbook.
  • The Senior Pastor will approve the hiring of all staff members.
  • The Senior Pastor is the only staff member who can terminate a staff member. Appeals may be considered by the LB or a committee designated by the LB.
  • The Leadership Board will conduct performance reviews for the Senior Pastor and Executive Pastor and will set salaries for all appointed pastors.



  • The Leadership Board will approve the church’s annual budget before the budget year begins.
  • The Senior Pastor will not overspend the annual budget without the approval of the Leadership Board.
  • Expenses that exceed their budget allocation by more than ten percent (10%) must be approved by the Leadership Board before such expenses are incurred.
  • The Senior Pastor will ensure the Executive Pastor and Directors have accurate budget reports for their respective areas each month. At a minimum, the Executive Pastor and each Director will receive a monthly report that reflects the approved budget for their area of responsibility, actual expenses and the remaining balance.
  • The Leadership Board must approve any contractual obligations, loans or mortgages that would exceed a 1 year term or a total lifecycle cost of $30,000.
  • At least 3 competitive bids are required for new facility related projects that exceed $15,000.

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