Two locations: Giving


Primary Mtg. Day(s) and Time(s):
Sunday School
1, 2, and 4 (5) Sunday

Sunday 9:45-10:45 am

General Men’s meeting
every 3rd Sunday 9:45-10:45 am

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St. James United Methodist Church (SJUMC) United Methodist Men (UMM)

UMM Mission: “To construct and hand down a spiritual legacy as fathers, sons, and brothers; To bind ourselves to one another as brothers, by making a commitment to our God; To be men of integrity and impact with spiritual perception, influence, faith, perseverance, and leadership; To teach and model respect, by respecting others with a balance of mercy and justice; To share Godly wisdom and remain rock solid under Gods guidance through his word.”

UMM Goal: “To reach out to those in need guided by the Holy Spirit; To organize and support ministries and fellowship initiatives that motivate and mobilize St. James men into action; To do the work of the Lord whenever and wherever needed.”

President’s Vision: My vision for the St James United Methodist Men is dually predicated on achieving the Mission and Goals of the SJUMM. Moreover, I see the SJUMM as the focal point for All men resourcing. Ultimately, Men can get back to their rightful place of leadership, visibility and influence in the SJUMC.

This is how we achieve them:

First: We will construct and organize our Ministry of men, fathers, sons and brothers that will create Spiritual Growth and Faith Development and can be seamlessly transferred from one generation to the next.

Second: We will form action committees for all UMM initiatives that will bind our men to one another in common purpose that achieve our Goals and are in keeping with serving our God.

Third: We Will Lead! All UMM activities will be initiated, monitored, headed or overseen by (a) member (members) of the EC.

Fourth: We will mentor a perspective successor and utilize the Executive Committee Method Of Operations (MOO) as a teaching crucible for developing future leaders in our Ministry.

Fifth: We will reach out to those in need and endeavor to grow our ministry as part of the Church’s overall growth Initiative. Our Ministry Growth is a Primary Focus with particular emphasis placed on our own Youth initiatives. Ministry Growth will be a coalition of Ministry Development; Ministry Promotions and Ministry Outreach.

Sixth: We Will Serve. This is how we Serve:

1. Serve OUR GOD – We are encouraged to Tithe our Money, time, gifts, and talents for HIS Glory

2. Serve Our Pastor – We shall be The Men of the Church that are at his right hand. The Pastor’s book entitled: Pastor on Track is a Must Read by all EC members. We will periodically get on the pastor’s calendar in order to obtain instruction, guidance and further clarity of his vision.

3. Serve Our Church - We shall devise a “service system” that will both manage and monitor the participation of UMM for all Church Activities requests. Upon written request, this system will be responsive and timely. Our objective is to be both an invaluable and necessary resource for the Church.. Our members shall be encouraged to participate in other ministries and seek leadership roles as well.

4. Serve to Meet the Needs of OUR Men – We will maintain an up-to-date roster of the UMM. Each man should belong to a UMM ministry or committee under the direct purview of the EC for resourcing and personnel management. The ministry leader or committee chair, should maintain his own roster and monitor the status and well being of his men. The Chaplain shall chair the Men’s Life Issues committee, dedicated to educating us on men’s concerns of health, finance, mental health, marriage/family, divorce, employment, et al. 

Men's Retreat May 2017


Faith, Food, Fellowship and Fun hosted by the St. James UMC Men's Ministry, May 2017, at Three Trails Camp and Retreat Center.



Goals 2017

•To focus more externally
•Focus on outreach efforts to the surrounding community
•To improve our planning efforts

UMM ministries and committees
    a. Executive Committee
    b. Men's Day Weekend committee
    c. Breakfast meeting Hospitality Crew committee
    d. Men's Retreat Planning Committee
    e. Father-Daughter Dance Committee
     f. Budget and Finance Committee
    g. Home Improvement Ministry
    h. Master's Men Choir Ministry
    I. Majestic Men Dance Ministry
    j. Sunday School Ministry
    k. Seniors Breakfast Committee
    l.  Boy and Cub Scout Ministries

Contact Person(s):

Roosevelt Braxton, President | 816-305-2656
Dr. Ernest Middleton, Vice President | 816-678-1124
Marlon Holloway, Treasurer
Mike Hobson, Sr., Secretary | 913-461-1100
Stanley Wolf, Seargent at Arms | 816-918-0725
H. David Whalen, Chaplain | 816-914-6806
Jamil Hendricks, Director of Outreach | 816-305-5325
Andre Butler, Director of Promotions | 816-223-1532
Royce Turner, Director of Ministry Development | 816-372-6069