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Adult Education and Literacy Ministry


Mission Statement:
The St. James Adult Education and Literacy Ministry mission is to provide, in a community of love and support, opportunities for improving and increasing literacy skills among adults, thereby empowering them to achieve God’s purpose for their lives.

Vision Statement:
The St. James Adult Education and Literacy ministry is a fully equipped and staffed learning institute that maximizes community engagement and involvement.  The Adult Education and Literacy institute is the place where all persons wanting to improve their literacy skills are yearning to be. St. James members are fully engaged and equipped volunteers connecting people to God in practical ways. 

The purpose of the Adult Education and Literacy Ministry is to establish a comprehensive and supportive ministry that reaches out to adults who are experiencing literacy and educational challenges.  The ministry aims to provide a loving environment that offers a second chance to those that were unable to overcome challenges and barriers that have hindered and interfered with their education completion.

To Enhance the Quality of Life for Students and Families through Literacy Development, Hope, Empowerment, and Connection to God’s Love.

Literacy KC - a non-profit organization providing no-cost, individualized tutoring services to adults in the greater Kansas City area.
Ministry Team
Elma Warrick, Chair, Phyllis Harris, Co-Chair, Gwen Goins, Olivia Dorsey, Emanuel Ngomsi, JoAnn Evans (Renaissance Liaison), Edward Franklin, Evalyn McDonald, Yvonne Johnson